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Roller conveyors are avaliable as carton conveyors inside or around palletizers with small pitch diameter.
Roller conveyors are also avaliable as standard pallet conveyors for EUR-pallets 800x1200mm and 1200x1200mm. Other dimensions are offered at request.


Chain conveyors are an easier and cheaper way to transport goods than a roller conveyor. In the food & beverage- and the medical industy, this is a preferred way to transport goods because the high demands on clean areas inside and outside the machines. The chain conveyor is also preferred in the heavier industry, where roller conveyors arn't good enough because of weight demands.Our chain conveyors are built as 2-strain and 3-strain, both in stainless steel or coated with paint. Standard is set after EUR-pallet 800x1200mm, 1200x1200mm and our Ropack-drum pallets 1800x2400mm.

hygientransportörer, linktransportörer

We manufacture link conveyors in widths from 400mm to 1000mm. They are avaliable both in stainless steel or coated with paint. It is also avaliable with cleaning program fluch cover.