Drum handling

drum palletizer, drum palletizing, drum depalletizing

We have together with our costumers developed a complete system for drum handling. Everything you need in empty drum handling and filled drum handling, you can find here.
Ropack has during the years had a great market share of the drum handling industry in the Scandinavian Countries and we can solve your problems and questions in this subject.
We have developed a loading system for empty drums on a pallet to transport as many drums as possible in each delivery. We have used all the volume inside a truck and developed a pallet for this system. The Ropack drum pallet consists of 8 lying drums per layer and maximum 5 layers high (total 40 drums) with wooden sheet between each layer and load securings around the pallet.
Ropacks machines can be delivered with the possibility of having the opening turned inside the pallet, outside the pallet or all openings in one direction. Our machines handles many kinds of drums with diffrent dimensions and designs.
Do you have odd dimensions? Please, call us, we will solve that to.

drum palletizing

Drum palletizing

We have developed a fully automatic drum palletizer with empty pallet handling, wooden sheet handling and strapping for costumers with demands on high capacity. Tha maximum capacity for this installation is 750 drums/hour.

With our loading system, the logistic costs, handling costs and transport damages decreases and it improves the working environment.

drum depalletizing

Drum depalletizer - Model Large

This kind of depalletizer for empty drums unloads drums from a Ropack-pallet and transports them in to the production line. This depalletizer has a maximum capacity of 200 drums/ hour and are suitable for costumers with high capacity.

drum depalletizing

Drum depalletizer- Model Small

This is a depalletizer that works after a diffrent technique in comparishment to the larger model. This smaller unit is more surface effective and more economical and is suitable for costumers with lower capacity demands. This depalletizer can be deliveded both semi-automatic and fully-automatic depending on the costumers requirements. Capacity 120 drums/hour.

drum tumbling equipment

Drum tumbler

A tumbling equipment for mixing substances inside a drum or vessel. This equipment works after a preprogrammed tumbling program written for each substance and the amount to mix. Maximum weight on filled drum/vessel is 300 kg and the equipment is available in EX-certified areas.