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After a great demand we are going to launch a Smartpack depalletizer at Scanpack 2018.
In our stand you will find Smartpack both as a palletizer and as a depalletizer.

New this year is that Smartpack is used för depalletizing pallets, for example when there is a need to make a display-pallet.

The product concept is still the same and for depalletizing there is the same modules as for palletizing but in reverse.

The product module Basic has the function of add-on modules för empty pallets or sheets. With an simple change-it has tools for cartons, pails, cans and SRS-crates.

If you have several production lines with the need of palletizing or depalletizing but lack the possibility to have a palletizer on each line, the Smartpack palletizer is the simple solution-Easy, movable, and flexible for every need!

Meet us in stand C04:42!

Visit our stand at Empack 2017 4-5 october in Stockholm

We are showing our latest palletizer - Smartpack. It is a movable palletizer, built in modules for the possibility to expand the functions when the needs increases.

The news for this year is the tool for loading sacks. This expands the range of products possible to be handled by the machine. Welcome to our stand D:06!

New delivery of palletizers

Ropack has completed a significant palletizing project to the coffee producer Arvid Nordquist H AB in Stockholm.

During the summer is the installation completed of 2 palletizers and a transfer wagon with handling of empty pallets. This to serve 4 production lines.

-It is the 3rd generation of palletizers to the same costumer, we are happy to say that we are replacing our old palletizers from 1991" says Hanna Larsson Davinski

New hompage

Our new homepage is finally online. Enjoy!

Scanpack 2012

Visit us on Scanpack 2012 in stand B08:72

Ropack production increases

Ropack production increases due to a high demand on palletizers and linear robots. "We have noticed an increased demand at the moment." says market manager Hanna L. Davinski.

Depalletiser for cans

Sildakongen AS through Smurfit Kappa Norpapp in Norway has ordred a depalletizer for glass cans. This machine will be shown by us at Scanpack in monter B06:62. Delivery in the 3d quarter 2009.

Large order on export

A great company in the chemical industry located in the United Arab Emirates has ordred 4pc of drum tumbling equipment to mix confidential products. Delivery in the 2d quarter 2009.

New filling line for Xanté

The manufacturing company for liquor and beverages, Saturnus AB is now expanding their product range with a pear-flavoured cognac, Xanté and invests in a new filling line for the new product.
Saturnus has taken over the production of Xanté after Vin&Sprit and have much faith in the new product. The company has invested in a new filling line and chosen Ropack as main supplier.
Ropack is the main supplier for depalletizing, transportation, packaging and palletizing the products with a few specially chosen sub-suppliers. Mounting and installation is scheduled during the third quarter 2008.
The new line handles 6 separate bottle dimensions and 9 carton dimensions.
Capacity is set to 4000bottles/hour. Special transportation solutions have been developed to lower the sound level in the room and improve the working environment. The bottles have a continuous flow through the whole filling line with truck transport only at the entrance and exit of the line.
"We are very satisfied to have the costumer confidence and to be allowed to participate in the growth of an expanding company as Saturnus. We have together with the costumer worked out a layout that fits great at the Saturnus plant in Malmö" says Mauritz Larsson, CEO Ropack Materialhantering AB.

Santa Maria invest in complete machine system for Lean production

Ropack materialhantering AB have entered a great order with Flex Link Systems AB. It is the spice- and flavor company Santa Maria in Mölndal who has bought a large automatic system for transport and palletizing boxes with spices.
The equipment will be a part in a system sold by Flex Link Systems AB and delivery is set to the last quarter in 2007. "We have worked close together with Ropack to find the optimized solution " says Carl-Johan Hallenborg, VD, Flex Link Systems AB. "The cooperation with Ropack has improved our offer as a system purveyor and we're looking forward to work together on this project"
Ropack will deliver a automatic solution that contains 6 palletizers that simultaneously handles goods from 12 separate production lines, and a conveyor system to handle packed goods. The capacity per palletizer is 12-24 spice boxes/min depending on size. The task is advanced because the system must handle 11 separate sorts of pallet patterns.

Ropack delivers equipment for handling cheese to Skånemejerier

Skånemejerier in Kristianstad have chosen Ropack to deliver equipment for automatisation of parts in their production.
This equipment is a part in the future expansation and automatisation of Skånemejerier. The equipment contains a depalletizer, which unload cheese with diameter 350mm from racks of wood on to an already existing palletizer.
The developed depalletizer is unloading 6 cheeses/minute and operates in two-shifts. The equipment also contains 50 m conveyer system for transporting cheese from storage to the existing palletizer.